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Looking For An Experienced & Reliable Custom Home Builder?

Are you worried about spending too much? Poor craftsmanship? or waiting forever for the home to be completed so you & your family can finally move in?

You want that beautiful custom home to be built on a budget, on time & with the best craftsmanship.

Finding the RIGHT builder is the KEY to building your dream home.

I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Vancouver build their quality dream homes. All are customized specifically to their desires & maximize their home value.

Together, we can transform your lot into the retreat you’ve always wanted.
(and yes! we can make your friends jealous too!)

Why Choose Glenmark Homes?

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Start To Finish Project Management

We’ll help save you time by taking care of your project every step of the way!

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Exclusive Vendor Access

We’ll help you save money through insider pricing. We know how to get you more with our relationship. Get the insider deal!

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Maximize Home Value

Whether you plan to live in or sell your newly built custom home, we offer expert advice on maximizing and retaining your home value.

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The Dream Home Plan

1. Book a FREE Consultation Call

Schedule a no-strings consultation call & provide us with some basic information.

2. Conception to creation

Together, We'll create a customized construction plan to fit your budget & lifestyle. We will take care of you every step of the way and oversee the entire construction process.

3. Completion

You open the door to your dream home and move in with your family—turnkey service for busy professionals.

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Building A Custom Home Can Be Intimidating

Building Your Dream Home With The WRONG Builder

Cost Overruns

Cost overruns are usually caused by poor planning & spending more than necessary on the wrong things such as construction material waste

Taking Forever to build the house

Have you heard of horror stories of trades not showing up on time or at all? Some projects seem to be stuck. House wrapping paper falling apart, nails rusting, garbage everywhere

Poor Communication

Worried you can't get a hold of the builder, don't know why no one is showing up at the construction site, don't want to be the one listening to excuse after excuse?

Regret choosing the wrong Builder

Headache, heartache, walletache...

Building Your Dream Home With Glenmark Homes


With our expert advice, we can help you MAXIMIZE every dollar you spend right from the start. Also, don't forget about insider pricing.

Ready to move in

On average, Glenmark Homes builds homes 33% faster than others. We are homeowners too, and we understand that the slower the build, the more overhead it will cost.

Building relationships that last

We want you to be happy and constantly updated with the building process, proud of your new home, and glad to tell all your friends about us. It's a win-win situation.

Happily ever after...

You'll be glad you made the right choice right from the start.

What you'll get

When You Choose To Build With Vancouver Custom Home Builder Glenmark Homes

Never hired a Custom Home Builder before?
You probably have some questions.

Most frequently asked questions and answers

If you don’t like to waste time or money, then talking to an experienced Custom Home Builder first would be a great place to start.

Traditionally Home Owners would talk to an Architect or Home Designer first, get the plans drawn then select a Custom Home Builder before submitting the architectural plans to the City.

Not all Architects or Home Designers are created equal, and builders occasionally encounter a set of poorly designed plans but are too late for significant revisions. 

As the saying goes, one plans to fail if one fails to plan. 

To start over from scratch is a significant heartache & wallet-ache for the Home Owner who secretly (or not so secretly) wished they had consulted with the builder sooner. 

The longer you linger in the pre-construction phase, the higher the construction cost of building your dream home. Time is money, and inflation is happening all over the world.

Custom homes are Customized to match the WANTS, NEEDS and Unique Tastes of the Homeowner, so it depends on several factors such as:

  • WHERE do you intend to build?
  • WHAT style of home are you looking to build?
  • HOW luxurious do you want your dream home finishings to be? 
  • WHEN are you ready to start the project?

The costs for the construction of a Custom home can vary widely. 

Click here for a Comprehensive Guide to the Cost of Building a Custom home

To get your estimate for your Custom Dream Home Click HERE to Request Your FREE No-strings Consultation Call. 

We pride ourselves as being one of the most efficient custom home builders in Vancouver. Please note the construction time could vary depending on a number of factors that include but are not limited to:

  • Global / Local Supply Chain Shortages 
  • City Permit Delays
  • Unexpected Construction Funding Issues
  • Build Quality. Are you in a rush to move in?  Do you want to build higher than building code standards such as a Net Zero or Passive Home?
  • Construction Budget. What does your budget look like compared to the quality you want to achieve?
  • Design Complexity. Are you going to hire an Architect or Home Designer to design your home? Which interior designer are you going to hire?
  • Location. Did you buy land yet? Where is this piece of land? 
  • Size of the project. How big is your lot?
  • And much more…
  • No worries if you don’t know all the answers, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Click here to get a clear understanding of How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home in Vancouver?

Glen has been delivering exceptional custom home building experiences since 2000.

If you aren’t already working with a Realtor. We can connect you to professional Realtors that can help you find the perfect lot. Each Realtor has their working style, and we can match you up with one suitable for you. First, we need to understand what your needs and wants. 

Click this link to Request Your Free Consultation Today!

You should buy a new home if you:

  1. Want to move in right away.
  2. See a home on the market that is exactly what you want.
  3. There is no way to build that kind of house anymore (such as by-law changes).

You should build a new home if you:

  1. Want to save money.
  2. Want a customized home that fits all your needs.
  3. Want to live in a high quality Custom home not a Spec home. 

Click this link to read the article “3 Advantages Of Building Vs Buying A New Home” to understand why it’s cheaper to build than to buy.

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